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Sprouts from compost

1 Earth Composting

A Food Scrap Pickup Service in BANGOR, BREWER & HAMPDEN, MAINE

Food rotting in the landfill STINKS.
There is a better w
ay - compost with us!

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What We Do:

We offer a curbside food scrap collection service.  We turn your food scraps into compost, a valuable, nutrient-rich soil amendment. This decreases waste going to the landfill, decreases greenhouse gases, and helps regenerate the soil! 


Local compost with sprouts
Collecting food scraps for composting
Hands in the Soil

Food Scrap Pickups

Put your 5 gallon bucket with organic material from your kitchen  on the curb on your designated pickup day by 9 am.

We will collect it and swap your full bucket out with a clean empty one. Your food scraps will be recycled into compost, an important soil amendment. 


Weekly curbside pick up with clean bucket (5 gallon) exchange: $25/month

Bangor Drop Off with clean 

5 gallon bucket exchange:


Commercial services,

contact us for info

Benefits of Compost

Combats climate change

Improves soil health

Reduces waste

Conserves water

Promotes healthier plant growth

Prevents soil erosion

Promotes drought resistance

Assists in stormwater management

Helps with wetland protection



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Bangor composting crew
Active Composting in the bangor area
Curbside food scrap collection buckets

About Us

👋Hi! Matt has years of experience in food service and gardening (and is now a certified compost operator!) and Katie has years of experience in farming and environmental activism (and was born and raised in Hampden). We saw a need for community members and small businesses to recycle their food scraps in the greater Bangor area and so 1 Earth Composting was born. We want to be your local resource for residential and commercial compost.

US Composting Council member.

Certified compost operator - 131 Compost School

Our Vision 

We’re starting small but we have a big vision! Currently we offer a residential curbside food scrap pick up service in BANGOR, BREWER and HAMPDEN, MAINE. We plan to offer commercial and event services in the future and plan to expand our service area - sign up for our email list to be notified! We see a future where food scraps are not waste but rather an important resource. Finished compost will not be ready for about a year but when it's ready our customers will get a discount on bulk orders and a few buckets for free.



If you can eat it, it goes in the bucket!

Meal in One Plate
Sliced Beef
Dairy Products




Any food product that was on your plate or cutting board.

Meat is OK, including (small)  bones! Cooked or raw.


Yogurt, cheese, etc.

Autumn Leaves
Ground Coffee

Yard Waste

Leaves, twigs, flowers and garden scraps.

Ground coffee

Coffee grounds and filters.


Please be sure to remove stickers, staples, or anything else
that you wouldn't want in your compost! 

Pet Waste

No pet hair, poop or litter. These can harbor parasites.

Florist Arranging Flowers

Commercial Flowers

Commercially produced flowers have a lot of pesticide residue and chemical fertilizers.

Disposable Food Package

Large Bones or Compostable Plastics

Large bones take a long time to break down. Compostable plastics have contaminants.

Contact Us

We will be in touch shortly!

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